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Calming views, private terraces, clearest aqua blue waters, lush green tropical forest, spacious hotel rooms

"Boracay Terraces has an enviable location, tucked against a rocky point at the very private far northern end of the beach with almost zero traffic. It resembles a green pyramid, with three levels of rooms stacked one on top of the other right on the beach; some have excellent views and huge bathrooms. A forested hillside full of birdsong forms a green and lush backdrop." -Lonely Planet

There's really no better place other than Boracay Terraces Resort. Soothe your mind and loosen up your body as it guarantees tranquility and guest satisfaction as we provide a superb and all the element for a rejuvenating retreat. With its spacious hotel rooms, balconies (with stunning views of the island paradise), suites, lashy green coconut trees, crystal clear blue waters, boasted by a nearby Spa (Duyan Spa) that makes the beach resort in Malay, Aklan "The Boracay's best kept secret".

For an exquisite relaxation and peace of mind, a private terrace is a plus for travelers and backpackers that are indeed to refresh and replenish from stressful office works and activities.

To satisfy your cravings, some nearby convenient restaurants are very much accessible.

With the blend of our international dishes and green cuisine that comes in with vegan recipes, you can enjoy and relish a new mash line of healthy fruit and organic vegetable shakes.

You migh want to go up to the roof deck of 7107 Islands where you can dine under the stars omitted by the remarkable view of the ocean. Dine on the beach with torch and candlelight for a new contrasting way of experience.

For a romantic and private dinner, The Langit Roof Deck is a perfect choice for. With its overlooking stretch of the white sand, surrounded by trees lighted up by radiance of fireflies that makes it a superb and splendid spot for lovers.

Ideal for dream island weddings, witnessed with the amidst of mesmerizing white sand and pleasant waves of Boracay Terraces, that makes it one of the best beach resort in Boracay.